How can nonprofits leverage video to attract more donors?

Here’s a problem:

Let’s face it, animation and video content is extremely hot right now. There’s a lot of attention seeking content being produced for the internet and many new forms of content have popped up in response to that demand.

Fun Fact: Google estimates video will be 80% of all internet content by 2025. Holy crap that’s a lot of things to watch. I haven’t even caught up on any of my shows yet.

The problem that many nonprofits face is getting a fraction of those eyeballs to pay attention to their organizations. And it can be extremely difficult, especially with a lack of funding and/or a small overworked staff solely focused on making those big differences in their communities.

Here’s one solution:

Nonprofit Organizations can start using animation to explain their impact and what problems they are trying to solve.

Nonprofit Organizations can start using animation to explain their impact and what problems they are trying to solve.

One of the things that inspire viewers, donors and investors is data, specifically the data that you already have: your impact data.

Your impact or annual report is filled with real numbers that can move and inspire people to donate and invest in your cause. You probably already present this data every year at some prestigious annual dinner with good food and a hard to see projector that Gary couldn’t fix.

But this data can become the tool you leverage to make your nonprofit organization stand out, through video, and online.

Some Helpful Tips:

  • Leverage the sources of content you already have to make videos out of them. Chances are that you have some form of brochure or pdf of the impact you’ve made and don’t be fooled, those digital assets can be re-used to create your video content.

  • Root your video in the data. Let the numbers visually speak for themselves. Having a moving visual that represents your data can illustrate and highlight the best points that are intriguing to investors, donors and philanthropists.

  • You actually write scripts all day. Here’s a secret, the words you’ve written in these impact reports can be easily translated into a workable script for an animated video. Animated videos typically costs less than a live action shoots or stock footage editing and look more professional than, say, raw video. Trust me, I don’t want those 10 extra “camera” pounds either.

  • Use it more than once. Videos don’t only have to live on your website or impact page. They can also travel with you to the start of presentations, through social media channels, and even used as boosted ads to specific types of professionals in specific states who care about specific things.

We’re Open Pixel

To be honest, you’re not alone in your journey. As scrappy owners of a startup, we’re much like a nonprofit, in that, we work too hard and don’t get enough credit for the work that we do. We feel ya. Our mission, however, is clear: We find your visual voice and make content that sells, educates and entertains your audience. Because we believe that the good work that nonprofits do should have an equal opportunity for the attention we give.

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